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Inspiration is about psychological sublimation. It's about fueling creative power from catharsis. But what album isn't?

This album is a big leap in production quality. Striving for a high quality sound, and stemming from the tug of losing another girlfriend, Inspiration is an electric charge of all my extremely painful emotions that explodes outwards in to every genre I'm capable of.


released November 20, 2009


all rights reserved



Wrave Columbia, South Carolina

Programmer by day. Experimentalist by night.

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Track Name: Comrade
Obsession, depression, decompression, aroused.
Put me in the paint mixer; I'll blend for a while.
further stirring could prevent future separations for good.
...and I'd like, and I'd wish to, and I'd hope, I'm willing to make...

You were feeling sad when I was not around.
Someone help before I go to sleep in the ground.
We were having fun in my lucidity:
a false maintaining of what felt like you and me.

...and I want, and you can't, and you're tired, and I'm not ready for change...

...and I'm ready to start,
but all my organs can think about is their comrade,
the broken heart.
Track Name: I'm Still In Love
I'm still in love.
Track Name: A Book of Knots (Inspiration)
Inside our minds
we think we're out of time,
but in reality
there's so much more to be.

Your soul sets my heart on fire.
I breath golden fumes. Entire
cinders might set this house a blaze.
I love you in so many ways.


I'm being taxed by feeling inflations;
not forcing romantic relations.

Boys and girls always like to think
that others will just complicate
the plans they're trying to hold on to
if only those people knew that

hardships aren't like open fields.
I have to show life my shield,
and if i'm going to keep you close,
I have to cherish what means the most.

You give me inspiration
I'm being taxed by feeling inflations.
but not forcing romantic relations
i'm being taxed by feeling inflations
but not forcing romantic relations
Track Name: The Land Of Promise
Where can I find the basket brown
that has my love lost and found?
It has my name on a little tag.
You'll find my letters in the bag.

Distances we can't perceive,
and now you want up and leave.

Though you've left me, I still have
your friendship and that's more than

most other girls have done in the past,
and I hope you know my love will last.

In future far far away
in another place on another day
I'd like to reunite with you girl,
and challenge the problems in this world.

I get so worked up over pain.
The tug is strong, but I'm keeping sane.
There's a glimmer in my mind,

and your love is like a diamond.

You've compressed.
the pressure's made you cold.

You've compressed.
harder than a stone.

You've compressed
in to a diamond.

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