Wrave with Korey Clark

by Wrave

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A complete overhaul on workflow and studio setup. All tracks were composed with NanoStudio on an iPad, and additional recordings and vocals were recorded with Reaper in a bedroom closet.

Korey Clark, a.k.a. Young P80 is featured all across this entire album. It's a very much welcomed change to my traditional sound.


released January 16, 2013

Wray Bowling: Beats, Lyrics & Vocals
Korey Clark: Lyrics & Vocals
Jana Freeman: Vocals

Special thanks to Larry Lockett & Filth Moth Studios for guidance and bringing korey and me together for such a fun collab.


all rights reserved



Wrave Columbia, South Carolina

Programmer by day. Experimentalist by night.

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Track Name: I Don't See Anything
First of all it's no game when my chips up
You need to watch what you say
before you get plugged anonymous
To flop like a dying fish
Pop like a frying fish
Where's the irony

I caught 'em soul searching
The lady that cursed 'em
the lady that birthed him
to spit that ish that he think hot
Man im telling ya the ish that I spit rock
guaranteed hustle guaranteed guap
I gotta keep muscle lifting this weight.
I hear them haters mumble but im still getting cake
YEAH It's ice cream
Yeah It melt like that

I'm the fireman
I'm the fireman
I be everywhere
Where the fire at
I got the flame I'm bout to release that
Huh, huh, huh
Come and get that!

The briefcase that wasn't inside our secret mission
deadly masterminds using intuition
we're hiding bushes with ammunition
got spies in the arctic
we're making new suspicion

green pond was the target intercepted
yeah we caught it
ASA supposedly bought it
the Swedish — the only ones who fought it

gamma rays in the system
it lives and breathes

Chorus: I don't see anything! (x4)

I been ready for the light
like a tree tryna grow
Similar to math
Add multiply dough
Natural born leader no lie
(No lie -eeya-eeya- eeya-eeya)
I be killing the scene!
More pictures for more dreams
You know im out here so what's the doubt
Im out here.
Change the pace and grace to any beat
that call my name like get 'em yo im on it

I don't see anything
Track Name: Max Capacity
thunder lightning and slime
they're hitting prime time
then the pixels are ripping
you're gonna spill your wine

she was licking her glass
talking "let's do the crime!"
then she kicked up some smoke
flash! max!

that inner divine
video 16-bit
hardcore and nasty shit

dump it in the tumblr
hook it up with my jumper
don't you have to wonder?
where did it come from?

I'm at max capacity
I'm at max capacity
I'm at max capacity
I'm at max capacity

Don't you want some more?
I'm rockin' the skeletor.
Don't you want some more?
I'm rockin' the skeletor.
Don't you want some more?
I'm rockin' the skeletor.
Don't you want some more?
I'm rockin' the skeletor.

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